Head First GIFFID
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What is the GIFFID® system ?

The GIFFID system is a unique tool to hand out water bottles. The GIFFID system bag is wrapped around the waist of the bottle supplier. After this the filled bottles are placed in the bag. On the front of the bag two cooling-elements (or hot packs) can be placed in a pouch. The bottle supplier  now has the bottles within reach and can give them out to the racers in a split second.


The GIFFID system is hand made in the Netherlands. During the Tour de France 2012 the GIFFID system was launched. During the Tour de France the Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Tour Team is the sole user.


- the supplier can use both hands to hand out bottles

- each supplier can carry and hand out fife bottles

- Using the GIFFID bag reduces the change of falling bottles

- the bottles are kept at the right temperature