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Head First are...

Ton Kueter and Arnold Jager are the founders of Head First. As always supported by Grietje, we introduce the GIFFID. Questions and remarks can be send to us by…

Phone +31(0)624218714
mail: info@HFCI.nl

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Passion for cycling...

Born out of the passion for cycling, HFCI has the drive to develop and create practical solutions for improvement.

This passion is the fuel for our strength to imagine solutions which are not found yet. We take development from prototype to product in our own hand to ensure quality. During the process we listen very carefully to the users of the future to make sure the products exactly fit their needs. This way everybody enjoys an innovative practical product.

Made with heart by hand
At HFCI everybody is committed to the development and production of high quality products. We produce our products with our hearts. This is why we want to dedicate specific care and attention to each product. To do so we produce all our product in the Netherlands.

Professional products
Before we launch a product we make sure we have tested it with professional riders, mechanics or physicians. That’s why we can proudly state:  “Head First Cycling Innovations makes professional products".