Head First GIFFID
Head First Cycling Innovations | info@hfci.nl

The GIFFID® is a unique,groundbreaking instrument for handing over bottles to a rider.

GIFFID takes care of handing over drinking bottles safely. The Rider takes the bottle directly from the GIFFID. There is no contact between the rider and the person who hands the bottle anymore.

GIFFID increases the safety of the rider. GIFFID also increases the chances of the rider in successfully grabbing the water bottle. Using GIFFID is a sure grasp!






GIFFID is launched in the Tour the France 2012 and is exclusively used by the Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Tour team. Vacansoleil-DCM cooperated during the testing phase of the GIFFID’s  usability during racing. Click here to see the film about Wilfried Vyncke using the GIFFID during a cycling race.

GIFFID is hand made in the Netherlands.